How to Divide Dahlia Tubers and Store Over the Winter

It's getting cold outside! If you haven't dug up your dahlia tubers, now is the time! Our Summer 2020 Box featured guest, Jesalyn Pettigrew of Mossy Gate Farm, talked us through the ins and outs of dahlias, including how to care for them once the growing season is over. Here's a fresh recap about what to do with those dahlia tubers during the winter, as well as how and when to divide them for next year.

Watch the video below, or if you can't listen right now, scroll down to read her tips for caring for those spent dahlias.

 Cutting Back Dahlias

Wait until the first frost to kill your dahlia before cutting it down. You'll look out at your garden and see it turn brown and start falling apart within hours. 

Cut it down short so you have a handle at the base. If you leave it in the ground over winter, you do risk losing the plant. In mild climates you can sometimes get away with this. Jesalyn recommended digging it up and storing it for the winter, especially those...

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Make a Professional-grade Holiday Wreath with the Lora Bloom Kit

Winter is coming—but don’t fret! We’ve got the perfect activity to brighten your day and your door. Our very own Rachel Heath partnered with Lora Bloom to teach you how to use their all-inclusive holiday wreath kit. We are so excited to tell you all about this amazing DIY activity.  We are big fans of Lora Bloom, a direct to consumer marketplace that connects local florists and growers to customers, and this wreath is yet another great product from their store.

The Lora Bloom wreath kit includes everything you need to make professional looking decor for your door. It starts with high quality evergreens, including noble fir and juniper, already wired on a sturdy frame. As a florist, Rachel can attest that this is the kind of quality that she would seek out for her own work. Even on their own, these evergreen boughs look fabulous. 

But that’s not the only reason why you’ll want to purchase this kit. Lora Bloom has included a...

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DIY Embellishments for Holiday Wreaths and Garlands

Have you ever purchased an evergreen holiday wreath, hung it on your door, and then wished it was a bit more exciting? Some boughs of greenery can certainly brighten the mood, but you can elevate your wreath or garland game to even higher heights when you add on your own DIY embellishments.  

Recently our very own Rachel partnered with Lora Bloom to teach how to do just that with their beautiful wreath kit. We’ve got more info coming soon about this fun, all-inclusive kit, but to keep it succinct, we highly recommend it. They’ve put together a plethora of embellishments to add to a very high-quality evergreen wreath. You won’t be disappointed with the results.  

Once you’ve used Lora Bloom’s kit, you’ll want to add embellishments to even more of your holiday décor. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up some inspiration for what you can add to wreaths and garlands to give them a high-end...

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