5 Steps to Triple the Life of Your Vase Flowers

Do you know that moment when you look at your vase of flowers and they’re so disgusting that you don’t even want to touch the stems to throw them away? They’re slimy, moldy, and smelly, and you’ve tried to ignore them as long as possible but now you want your vase back, so they have to go.  

Raise your hand if this has ever been you.  

I’m reaching my hand up high.  

Guys, I’m a florist and this sometimes still happens to me; though instead of the clear-glass vase on the dining room table, it’s floral buckets with the few stems of leftovers I didn’t use in last weekend’s wedding.   

But I have a fix for you! One that will not only keep them from even getting that gross, but it’ll also help you to keep them alive much, much longer.  


Step 1: Only Put Your New Flowers in a Clean Vase 

This one is super simple, and maybe you’re already doing...

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