10 Floral Arranging Tips for Beginners

Have you ever cut a bunch of pretty blooms from your garden and then had no idea what to do with them? They just flop over in the vase and look like a mess, nothing like what you imagined. Never fear! With these tips, you can instantly improve what sits on your table. Welcome to the beautiful world of floral arranging! 

1. Create an armature. An armature is anything you put inside the vase to help the flowers stay where you want them. Every vessel has a different shape and may require different materials to help create a bit of structure. I often use floral tape to create a crisscross grid pattern at the opening of the vase. Chicken wire is another popular option.  

2. Clean those stems. Remove any lower leaves or blooms that will fall below the water line. Any greenery left floating around will rot, fast. Flowers do not respond well to dirty water. Another reason to clean stems is to keep them from snagging on other blooms. While arranging, you will be...

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