5 Steps to Triple the Life of Your Vase Flowers

Do you know that moment when you look at your vase of flowers and they’re so disgusting that you don’t even want to touch the stems to throw them away? They’re slimy, moldy, and smelly, and you’ve tried to ignore them as long as possible but now you want your vase back, so they have to go.  

Raise your hand if this has ever been you.  

I’m reaching my hand up high.  

Guys, I’m a florist and this sometimes still happens to me; though instead of the clear-glass vase on the dining room table, it’s floral buckets with the few stems of leftovers I didn’t use in last weekend’s wedding.   

But I have a fix for you! One that will not only keep them from even getting that gross, but it’ll also help you to keep them alive much, much longer.  


Step 1: Only Put Your New Flowers in a Clean Vase 

This one is super simple, and maybe you’re already doing...

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How to Choose Long-Lasting Grocery Store Flowers


Long before becoming a florist, I loved making floral arrangements for my friends and family. It was a relaxing hobby and a fun way to show love to those I cared about. I loved personalizing mixed bouquets with my friends’ favorite flowers and colors! Most of time, I picked up my flowers at the grocery store during regular shopping trips, probably like you’ve done. It’s convenient, and the displays are often very eye-catching. What I didn’t know back then, though, was how to choose the healthiest flowers from the many options at my store. That meant that my arrangements wilted too soon, which is not what you want when giving a heartfelt gift. 

Luckily, it isn’t difficult to pick out healthy flowers with just a little knowledge. You can make the same decisions a pro would make with these tips: 

  1. Check the stems. Flowers have evolved their flashy, colorful blooms in order to attract the attention of pollinators like humming birds and bees, and...
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10 Floral Arranging Tips for Beginners

Have you ever cut a bunch of pretty blooms from your garden and then had no idea what to do with them? They just flop over in the vase and look like a mess, nothing like what you imagined. Never fear! With these tips, you can instantly improve what sits on your table. Welcome to the beautiful world of floral arranging! 

1. Create an armature. An armature is anything you put inside the vase to help the flowers stay where you want them. Every vessel has a different shape and may require different materials to help create a bit of structure. I often use floral tape to create a crisscross grid pattern at the opening of the vase. Chicken wire is another popular option.  

2. Clean those stems. Remove any lower leaves or blooms that will fall below the water line. Any greenery left floating around will rot, fast. Flowers do not respond well to dirty water. Another reason to clean stems is to keep them from snagging on other blooms. While arranging, you will be...

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