Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Those Tulips


Tulips are such a durable and versatile flower. In your garden you’ll notice that they are a very long-lasting flower. They can also be found in every grocery store and floral shop in the spring, and thanks to their incredibly long growing season, they’re often available as early as late-January all the way through May. You can even find some of the more common varieties way out of season since it’s such a popular flower for wholesaler greenhouses. All of those reasons and more is why I chose tulips for our Spring 2020 box.  

We've gone crazy for tulips this season, and we want to share all of the fun, extra info you need to enjoy them as well. 

Cutting from Your Garden 

Your yard is finally awash in springtime color, and you want to bring some of it inside. Before you start snipping, you need to keep a few things in mind.  

Start with a bucket of cold water. Tulips are spring flowers, and they love that cold, winter runoff....

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