My Top 5 Favorite Spring Flowers

When you think of spring, flowers might be one of the first things that come to mind. There are so many amazing blooms this time of year! After a long, gray winter, nothing warms the soul more than blossoms dotting the landscape in bursts of colors. It was nearly impossible to narrow it down, but I managed to choose my top five favorite spring flowers. 


My first pick is unique as both a winter and spring flower. It blooms much earlier than most flowers, literally popping out of a thin layer of snow at times. The hellebore comes in so many fun varieties, from doubles with extra layers of petals to special jewel-toned varieties. There are purples, raspberry pinks, greens, and even white ones with cute little speckles. You will find the hellebore all over landscapes because they are hardy little things. I have a couple in my yard that were neglected, yet are still thriving beautifully. In arrangements, the hellebore adds a touch of elegance. Read more about this...

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Spring Flowers

Spring is such an exciting time. Leaves bud, trees blossom, and we finally get some color added to the browns and grays of winter. You are hopefully enjoying the amazing variety of blooms that this season brings. To help you along, here are some mistakes to avoid in the spring so that the flowers on your table can be happy and healthy.

1. Don't Use Warm Water

Spring flowers are used to that cold winter run-off. When you bring them home and cut their stems, make sure that the first thing they drink up is cold water. That first trim makes them very thirsty, and they’re going to hydrate their best and live the longest if they’re put in cold water immediately. Warmer water will also rot the stems of spring blooms faster. It’s okay if the water turns lukewarm after sitting out for a bit, just remember to use cold again when topping off the vase. Save the warm water for summer flowers.

2. Don’t Miss Out on The Bounties of Spring

When picking out flowers at the...

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Sneaky Spring Flowers that Are Actually Poisonous

My garden is coming to life. Right now, I’m enjoying the hellebore blooms, and my witch hazel is absolutely stunning. When admiring the spring blooms around you, the last thing on your mind is probably poison. Since we humans don’t typically consume flowers, it usually isn’t a huge concern to have something poisonous growing in the flower bed. However, knowing which blooms are toxic keeps more than just people safe. 

Why Does It Matter?  

First, it is always good practice to keep poisonous plants out of reach from children and pets. You know not to feed your dog chocolate, and you may have heard to keep poinsettias up during the winter, which is easy to remember thanks to their deadly sounding name. Kids can also have incredibly self-destructive behaviors. Just as you teach them not to eat just any berry they find on a plant, you should help them steer clear of poisonous blooms until they learn not to stick every last thing in...

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