14 Fun, Creative, and Inexpensive Ideas for Flower Vases

The perfect vase can make all the difference in how your arrangement turns out, and that’s why getting creative with your vase choice can make a big impact. Plus, it's always nice when you can use something you already have for free or buy something that's relatively inexpensive.

Our Flora Fun Box includes a new vessel each season, carefully chosen as a piece that you can use over and over again. But while you wait for next season’s vessel, we have a lineup of ideas for fun, creative vases that you probably have around the house.  

When designing in something that isn’t your typical flower vase, you can use the same techniques you’ve learned from Flora Fun Box. We place a big emphasis on learning how to create different armatures, or support structures, to help hold the flowers up. A very common one is to crisscross floral tape on the opening of the vase or vessel. In our Summer 2020 Box, we used floral mesh (like chicken wire) to hold things...

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Our Autumn Box Is Nearly Here!


Are you ready for a sneak peek of our Flora Fun Autumn Box? As usual, we've got lots of seasonal, curated fun in store for your subscription.

It’s the dog days of summer right now, but soon those temps will fall, the leaves will start to yellow, and we’ll be pulling sweaters out of storage. Autumn is nearly here, and there’s no better way to celebrate the changing seasons than by reveling in the harvest. In our Flora Fun Autumn Box, we’ll do just that, with arranging videos featuring my favorite late blooms, dahlias, the tools you need to dry flowers, and amazing apple fun in pastry form.  

Here’s your sneak peek at all the goodies you’ll get with your Autumn Box subscription! 

  • Sandbar Square Vase. You’ve probably arranged in a round deep vase before, but not many have tackled a square or a shallow vessel. We’ll teach you to do both with your very own chic ceramic vase that will look amazing in your home with or...
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