Sneaky Spring Flowers that Are Actually Poisonous

My garden is coming to life. Right now, I’m enjoying the hellebore blooms, and my witch hazel is absolutely stunning. When admiring the spring blooms around you, the last thing on your mind is probably poison. Since we humans don’t typically consume flowers, it usually isn’t a huge concern to have something poisonous growing in the flower bed. However, knowing which blooms are toxic keeps more than just people safe. 

Why Does It Matter?  

First, it is always good practice to keep poisonous plants out of reach from children and pets. You know not to feed your dog chocolate, and you may have heard to keep poinsettias up during the winter, which is easy to remember thanks to their deadly sounding name. Kids can also have incredibly self-destructive behaviors. Just as you teach them not to eat just any berry they find on a plant, you should help them steer clear of poisonous blooms until they learn not to stick every last thing in...

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