How to Choose Long-Lasting Grocery Store Flowers


Long before becoming a florist, I loved making floral arrangements for my friends and family. It was a relaxing hobby and a fun way to show love to those I cared about. I loved personalizing mixed bouquets with my friends’ favorite flowers and colors! Most of time, I picked up my flowers at the grocery store during regular shopping trips, probably like you’ve done. It’s convenient, and the displays are often very eye-catching. What I didn’t know back then, though, was how to choose the healthiest flowers from the many options at my store. That meant that my arrangements wilted too soon, which is not what you want when giving a heartfelt gift. 

Luckily, it isn’t difficult to pick out healthy flowers with just a little knowledge. You can make the same decisions a pro would make with these tips: 

  1. Check the stems. Flowers have evolved their flashy, colorful blooms in order to attract the attention of pollinators like humming birds and bees, and...
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