3 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Spring Flowers

Spring is such an exciting time. Leaves bud, trees blossom, and we finally get some color added to the browns and grays of winter. You are hopefully enjoying the amazing variety of blooms that this season brings. To help you along, here are some mistakes to avoid in the spring so that the flowers on your table can be happy and healthy.

1. Don't Use Warm Water

Spring flowers are used to that cold winter run-off. When you bring them home and cut their stems, make sure that the first thing they drink up is cold water. That first trim makes them very thirsty, and they’re going to hydrate their best and live the longest if they’re put in cold water immediately. Warmer water will also rot the stems of spring blooms faster. It’s okay if the water turns lukewarm after sitting out for a bit, just remember to use cold again when topping off the vase. Save the warm water for summer flowers.

2. Don’t Miss Out on The Bounties of Spring

When picking out flowers at the...

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