DIY Embellishments for Holiday Wreaths and Garlands

Have you ever purchased an evergreen holiday wreath, hung it on your door, and then wished it was a bit more exciting? Some boughs of greenery can certainly brighten the mood, but you can elevate your wreath or garland game to even higher heights when you add on your own DIY embellishments.  

Recently our very own Rachel partnered with Lora Bloom to teach how to do just that with their beautiful wreath kit. We’ve got more info coming soon about this fun, all-inclusive kit, but to keep it succinct, we highly recommend it. They’ve put together a plethora of embellishments to add to a very high-quality evergreen wreath. You won’t be disappointed with the results.  

Once you’ve used Lora Bloom’s kit, you’ll want to add embellishments to even more of your holiday décor. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up some inspiration for what you can add to wreaths and garlands to give them a high-end...

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How to Get Your Garden Winter Ready

The growing season is ending, and that means you need to get your garden winter ready.

Fall means cooler temperatures and slowed growth. Cutting the last of my garden’s flowers and picking the final few raspberries is always bittersweet for me. I love the joy and love that the upcoming slate of holidays bring, but saying goodbye to the bounty of summer is difficult. What helps me is focusing on the plan ahead. This is a great time to get your garden in top shape for next year.

Here are the things I do at the end of the growing season:

Dry Flowers and Herbs

This is a fantastic time to preserve and dry culinary herbs. Some of you have probably done this before! Did you know you can save some of your blooms, as well? As a florist, I strive to use locally grown flowers, and winter obviously puts a damper on this. One way I get around this is by using dried flowers. Now is the time to snip those fading hydrangeas and sprigs of floral oregano. Remember: you can get a floral drying...

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Trending! Dried Flower Creations

Do you cringe a little when you think of dried flowers? Can't imagine how dried florals could possibly look modern and trendy? I had similar thoughts for a long time. Let's backup, way up.

When I was little, before even kindergarten, my mom would take me with her about once a month to visit with some of the older widows in our neighborhood. In retrospect, I'm very glad that my mother was able to foster these relationships, and I'm glad that I got to know these women I might not have interacted with much otherwise. But as a kid, sometimes it was tough. Many of you probably have similar experiences from a grandma's house or great-aunt Dottie's: adults talking while you tried to entertain yourself without bumping into tables full of breakables or snagging a doily. 

And, of course, dried flowers.

They seemed to be everywhere, in vases in the living room or little wreaths above the toilet. I only saw dried florals in these older women's homes, and my little...

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