Should I Use a Floral Knife When Arranging Flowers?

If you spend time snooping online for flower arrangement how-tos, you’ll probably run into floral knives at some point and wonder if you should be using one while arranging. Here’s our short answer: 

Maybe..? But most likely not. 

Super helpful, we know. Like many things in life, this isn’t a simple cut (pardon the pun) and dry issue. Each florist, hobby or professional, will weigh the pros and cons a little differently depending on their situation. So, let’s dig into the long answer and get you the information you need to decide if a floral knife is right for you. 

What is a floral knife? 

Great question! There are different types of floral or florist knives meant for cutting stems. Some are straight blades (often coming in a pack with more than one), some have a curved blade, and some fold in like a pocket knife. All floral knives are extremely sharp and often cheaper than a good pair of florist snips.

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3 Tips for Cutting Flowers Out of Your Garden

My garden is bursting with color! Flowers are in full swing right now all across town. I love taking walks to see what’s blooming in my neighbors’ yards. Hopefully you’re enjoying your garden, and to help with that, here are some tips to help your cut homegrown flowers live long and happy lives inside.  

  1. Keep a bucket of water next to you. As you’re moving around your garden snipping blooms, haul a bucket of clean water around with you. It may seem like a hassle to lug that around, but every second counts for a freshly cut flower. That first cut is rather traumatic, and the faster that flower can get into water, the better it will deal with that stress. This translate into a longer, happier life once it moves inside your house to sit on your table.   
  2. Use a clean vase and clean water. We wrote in-depth about this recently in another blog post, 5 Steps to Triple the Life of Your Flowers. The quick version is this: water...
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