How to Care for Blossoming Branches

Have you walked through your neighborhood lately? Many of us aren’t going far these days, but I hope you’ve been able to spot some spring magic happening around town. I love this time of year. My magnolia tree is blooming, and I recently put in some beautiful lilac bushes that are now putting on a show.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to some awesome blooms like these, you might naturally want to bring them inside to enjoy. We’ve posted some great info recently on how to care for spring flowers, but blossoming branches have even more specialized needs. Treat them right, and they’ll add height and charm to your tabletop creations.

When creating a mixed arrangement, you need to ensure that everything is drinking equally, otherwise some blooms might start drooping sooner than others. The most important way to keep flowers healthy and happy is always hydration, and that’s what all of these tips are about: how to keep branches drinking so that...

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