8 Spooky Halloween Nature Crafts

There is much more to do with plants for Halloween than just pumpkin carving. This round-up of nature crafts proves that! Whether you're a grown-up or a kid, you'll have fun making these fun crafts to decorate your home in time for the spookiest day of the year.

Flora Fun Box is about more than just floral arranging (although we LOVE that!). We like to bring you a taste of the season, and these Halloween crafts encompass so many of the things we enjoy: plants, nature, creativity, and celebration. 

So pull out the pipe cleaners and flower pots, and get crafting!

Pine Cone Spiders

What kind of Halloween would it be without a spider craft? Take a walk to enjoy the fall leaves and forage for pine cones at the same time. A group of varying sizes of pine cone spiders would be spooky adorable!

Source and tutorial: Fireflies + Mud Pies

Sugar Skull Painted Flower Pots

For some Dia de los Muertos fun, look at these awesome sugar skull flower pots! Add some succulents, and you'll have a...

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Floral Arranging with Your Kids

My three children have been around flowers and florist tools their entire lives. It’s normal to them to have big buckets of blooms and stacks of vases suddenly taking up space in our house before one of my events. They’ve watched Mommy cut and arrange all sorts of things. If you’ve ever been around a young kid, you know how much they love to mimic and do things themselves. My kids love to get their hands on flowers and start putting them in vases, just like they’ve seen me do. And I love it! I’m more than happy to nurture their interest in something I love. 

After being cooped up all spring, involving your kids with floral arranging can be a great change of pace. You can cut flowers from your garden together, choose what you’d like to put together, and try something new and exciting!  

Of course, floral arranging comes with hazards that can be a little scary with kids. There’s a lot of water that can be spilled....

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