14 Fun, Creative, and Inexpensive Ideas for Flower Vases

Oct 13, 2020

The perfect vase can make all the difference in how your arrangement turns out, and that’s why getting creative with your vase choice can make a big impact. Plus, it's always nice when you can use something you already have for free or buy something that's relatively inexpensive.

Our Flora Fun Box includes a new vessel each season, carefully chosen as a piece that you can use over and over again. But while you wait for next season’s vessel, we have a lineup of ideas for fun, creative vases that you probably have around the house.  

When designing in something that isn’t your typical flower vase, you can use the same techniques you’ve learned from Flora Fun Box. We place a big emphasis on learning how to create different armatures, or support structures, to help hold the flowers up. A very common one is to crisscross floral tape on the opening of the vase or vessel. In our Summer 2020 Box, we used floral mesh (like chicken wire) to hold things together. Whatever vessel you’re using, think about the support system and your creativity can run wild. 


This one is perfect for autumn. You may have seen someone plant mums right in a hollowed-out pumpkin, but you can also use it for a floral arrangement! Simply add a vase or anything that fits inside to hold the water and stop the pumpkin from rotting so quickly. Something like this would be perfect for a Thanksgiving table. One big benefit is that the entire arrangement is compostable, so it can all be tossed out together once you take the vase out. 


Source and tutorial: The Style Scribe


Very similar to the pumpkin, this would be so fun for a summer party. Or maybe you hold a tropical themed dinner every winter to reminisce about the warmth of the sun. There's really not a wrong time to have a fun pineapple vase.

Source and tutorial: Fresh Mommy Blog   


Last compostable, I promise! I just love the idea of using plants to hold more plants. Simply hollow out the inside, and you have a lovely, textured vase for your flowers for an inexpensive price tag.

Source: Budget Brides Guide

Tea Cup or Mug 

A handful of small blooms in a china tea cup would be adorable, but you can also get a cozy feel using your favorite mug. Best part: it's free!

Source: Unsplash

Glass Jars and Bottles  

This one isn't stretching the imagination too far, but mason jars and glass bottles make perfect vases. I particularly love grouping bunches of them together when I design for weddings. These cute little clusters were perfect for a boho woodland wedding I designed for a few years back:

Source: Trill Flora

Painted or Tinted Glass  

You can spruce up those glass jars and bottles by tinting them using a tutorial like this one from HGTV, or dip them in paint like these beauties:

Source and tutorial: Weddingbells


They're already made to hold liquid! I love this look. So homey!

Source: Unsplash


Did you inherit a nice bowl from Grandma, but are afraid to use it for fear of breaking it? A floral arrangement is the perfect solution! Or maybe you just want a really big arrangement. Use a big bowl! Just make a grid with floral tape, and get arranging. Free and fun.

Source and tutorial: Craftberry Bush

Light Bulbs  

If you've been keeping up with this blog, you know I love bud vases. Well, you can make your own adorable little bud vases with light bulbs! 

Source and tutorial: The Merry Thought

Perfume or Cologne Bottle  

Besides being classy looking on your table, I love the idea of using a bottle of cologne or perfume from someone I love to remind me of them. If you have a beloved aunt or grandpa who always wears perfume or cologne, ask for one of their empty bottles. Such a beautiful way to remember them.

Source: Wedding Chicks

Liquor Bottles  

Wine or liquor bottles can have a beautiful, vintage design, much like the perfume and cologne bottles. 

Source: Wide Open Country

Covered Vases  

You can add a flair of something new by using regular vases, but covering them with something creative. You’ve probably seen vases wrapped in lace or twine, but that’s only the beginning. Look at this inexpensive update for vases:

Source and tutorial: Botanical Brouhaha

Soda Cans  

Hear me out on this one. There are some very pretty cans out there, like these Arizona Tea cans which look lovely paired with pink peonies. I also think that the red and white Coca-Cola logo has taken on a vintage vibe. Some classic Coke cans with summery blooms in them would give a fun, vintage farmhouse sort of vibe to a BBQ or picnic. We’ve also seen people coat cans in paint to give them a uniform look. The cans are free since you bought them for the drink, and you only have to pay for the paint.

Source: Songbird

Tin Cans  

Keep those soup cans! A group of these are very pretty together, especially when painted in various metallic shades like these:

Source and tutorial: Rustic Wedding Chic

We believe that floral arranging should be fun, accessible, and creative. That’s why we love it when we spot something a little outside of the box that hits all those marks like these creative, inexpensive vase ideas. Remember to share your arrangements in our Flora Fun Community on Facebook or tag us on Instagram @florafunbox. We love seeing what you make! 

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