My Trick for Intimate Table Design during Covid-19

Jul 28, 2020

Intimate table design during Covid-19? No, I'm not off my rocker! I promise. You can create a beautiful and safe table design for your socially distanced get together!

This summer, your hosting plans have no doubt been altered from years past thanks to Covid-19. Here in Washington state, we’ve only recently received the green light to have very small gatherings, preferably outside and with lots of distance. Hosting is kind of my thing, so this was great news for me! And I always love a challenge: how to design intimate, safe table décor 

Traditional, close-quarters table designs are not the best choice during a pandemic, for obvious reasons. So how could I create a cohesive atmosphere that could be spread out a little more? The answer, luckily, was very obvious to me, because it involves something I fell in love with long ago, and something that is perfectly suited for a summer patio dinner. 

I first encountered bud vases while registering for our wedding gifts. The little, clear vases were delicate and charming, and I immediately envisioned how beautiful they’d look as part of each place setting. They were exactly what my simple yet elegant taste needed for table décor!  

Years later when I became a florist, my love for bud vases only grew. During wedding season, I regularly use these mini vases for table design. They are very popular, and for good reason. They look amazing grouped in clusters of three to five vases, all of varying heights, smattered down long tables or even on large round ones.  

Bud vases are the perfect choice for a more intimate gathering, as well. You can provide each of your guests with their own personal little piece of floral goodness. Everyone can receive a few of the same pieces, or you can shake things up and give everyone a unique flower or herb from your garden. The possibilities really are endless. Bud vases are the perfect, versatile kind of table décor you really need! 

I love how easy it is to put together a group of bud vases. When you’re hosting and providing food and drinks, you don’t always have a lot of time to worry about your table décor. But a few little touches, like charming little bud vases, can make a huge difference in creating a fun and put-together atmosphere for your party. Your gathering may be forced into the backyard and into strange circumstances because of Covid-19, but I think that gives us even more reason to light up our table with happy little reminders of the summer beauty surrounding us. 

Finally, you can guess why bud vases are perfect for Covid-19 safety. When you include an adorable little bunch of blooms with each place setting, it doesn’t matter how far apart guests are spaced. Everyone can still enjoy the flowers. 

If you aren't able to invite guests over, consider creating a virtual bouquet like I did for Mother's Day.

Stay safe out there as you enjoy company and the bounty of summer with help from your gorgeous table design! 

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