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A story of finding Creative fulfillment


Hi there! I'm Rachel, and welcome to the world of floral living! 

In 2013 I moved to the Greater Seattle area and decided to step outside the book industry and try something new: working professionally with flowers. While growing my special events florist business, I found that I loved educating both hobbyists and professional floral designers through in-person workshops. But unfortunately, that has geographic limits, and I wanted to share my passion for florals with the rest of the world. 

In the months following the birth of my twins, I suddenly had a lot of sleepless nights with lots of time to think. I began to hatch a plan for delivering everything you'd need to start floral arranging right to your doorstep and inbox.  

Flora Fun Box was born! 


Mixing one part online education with one part subscription box, Flora Fun Box has all the tips and tricks for easy flower arranging, alongside the professional tools and supplies that we florists use every day to help make the gorgeous designs you see and love. With a new box each season, you can live a beautiful, flower-filled life, all year round!

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