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Learn Something New. Create Something Beautiful.

The Flora Fun Box is a floral craft subscription box delivered seasonally. Get access to the latest materials, tools and digital instructions to create beautiful, eco-friendly floral projects for your home!

How It Works

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Place your order for either a quarterly or annual subscription and receive your first seasonal box, with new boxes releasing in early March, June, September, or January. $90+/box value for $59.

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Start immediately with your FREE digital, video library and learn the basics of design. You'll never look at flowers, home decor, and gardens the same. $120/month value for FREE with your subscription.

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Get your box and enjoy the beautifully curated pieces centered around each season. Pick out your flowers and follow along with your video tutorial as you create something beautiful.

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Show off your unique designs and get some inspiration from our exclusive Flora Fun community! Here we answer questions and share fun tips and tricks along the way.

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What's Included:

  • Carefully Curated Seasonal products, including a unique floral project each quarter ($110 usd value).

  • Unlimited access to  our full digital video library, teaching you flower basics and beyond ($120 usd/month value).

  • Flora Fun Online Community membership, with plenty of support, feedback and friendship along the way.

Get The Box
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Settle In with Your Autumn Flora Fun Box

This September we're diving deep into the world of APPLE PASTRIES!

Shipping out the first week of September, you'll receive all sorts of Autumn goodies, plus an all-new video package for your digital library.

Explore The Autumn Box
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